Энциклопедия военных кораблей мира


Класс: KIROV (ORLAN) (PROJECT 1144.1/1144.2) Подкласс: CGHMN Количество: 1

НаименованиеНомерСтрана-изготовительДата закладкиСпуск на водуВвод в эксплуатацию
PYOTR VELIKIY (ex-Yuri Andropov)099 (ex-183)Baltic Yard 189.St Petersburg11 Mar 1986 29Apr 19899 Apr 1998

Водоизмещение,тонн: 19,000 стандартная; 24.300 полная загрузка.

Размерения,метры: 252 полная; 230 х 28.5 x 9.1.

Двигатели: CONAS; 2 KN-3 PWR; 300 мегаватт; 2 котла на жидком топливе; 2 турбины GT3A-688; 140,000 л.с.(102.9 мегаватт); 2 винта.

Скорость,уз.: 30.

Расстояние,мили: 14,000 на 30 уз..

Экипаж: 726 (82 офицеров) плюс 18 экипажей самолётов.

Ракеты: Ракеты: SSM: 20 Chelomey SS-N-19 Shipwreck (3M 45) (P-700 Granit) (improved SS-N-12 with lower flight profile) 9; inertial guidance with command update; active radar homing to 20-450 km (10.8-243 n miles) at 1.6 Mach; warhead 350 kT nuclear or 750 kg HE; no reloads. SAM: 12 SA-N-6 Grumble (Fort/Fort M) vertical launchers 8 rounds per launcher; command guidance; semi-active radar homing to 100 km (54 n milesf, warhead 90 kg (or nuclear?); 96 missiles 2 SA-N-4 Gecko twin launchers %; semi-active radar homing to 15 km (8 n miles) at 2.5 Mach; warhead 50 kg; altitude 9.1-3,048 m (30-10.000 ft); 40 missiles. 2 SA-N-9 Gauntlet (Kinzhal) octuple vertical launchers O; command guidance; active radar homing to 12 km (6.5n miles) at 2 Mach; warhead 15 kg; altitude 3.4-12.192 m (10-40.000 ft); 128 missiles; 4 channels of fire. SAM/Guns: 6 CADS-N-1 (Kortik/Kashtan) each has a twin 30 mm Gatling combined with 8 SA-N-11 (Grisson) and Hot Flash/Hot Spot fire-control radar/optronic director. Laser beam-riding guidance for missiles to 8 km (44 n miles): warhead 9 kg; 9,000 rds/min combined to 2 km (for guns). A/S: Novator SS-N-15 (Starfish); inertial flight to 45 km (24.3n miles); payload Type 40 torpedo or nuclear warhead; fired from fixed torpedo tubes behind shutters in the superstructure.

Артиллерия: 2-130 mm/70 (twin) AK 130 @; 35/45 rds/min to 29 km (16 n miles), weight of shell 33.4 kg.

Торпеды: 10—21 in (533 mm) (2 quin) tubes. Combination of 53 cm torpedoes (see table at front of section). Mounted in the hull adjacent the RBU 1000s on both quarters. Fixed tubes behind shutters can fire either SS-N-15 (see Missiles A/S) or Type 40 torpedoes.

Бортовые миномёты: 1 RBU 12.000 © 10 tubes per launcher; range 12,000 m; warhead 80 kg. 2 RBU 1000 6-tubed aft •; range 1.000 m; warhead 55 kg. UDAV-1M; torpedo countermeasures.

Контрмеры: Decoys: 2 twin PK 2 150 mm chaff launchers. Towed torpedo decoy. ESM/ECM: 8 Foot Ball. 4 Wine Flask (intercept). 8 Bell Bash. 4 Bell Nip. Half Cup (laser intercept).

Боевая информационная система: Lesorub-44.

Управление вооружением: 4 Tin Man optronic trackers 9. 2 Punch Bowl С SATCOM 4 Low Ball SATNAV. 2 Bell Crown and 2 Bell Push datalinks.

Радары: Air search: Top Pair (Top Sail + Big Net) W 3D; C/D-band; range 366 km (200 n miles) for bomber. 183 km (100n miles) for 2 m2 target. Air/surface search: Top Plate «E» 3D; D/E-band. Navigation: 3 Palm Frond; l-band. Fire control: Cross Sword K-band (for SA-N-9). Top Dome for SA-N-6 €£> Tomb Stone E-band (for Fort M) «£> 2 Pop Group. F/H/l-band (for SA-N-4) <& Kite Screech W H/l/K-band (for main guns). 6 Hot Flash for CADS-N-1; l/J-band. Aircraft control: Flyscreen B; l-band. IFF: Salt Pot A and B. Tacan: 2 Round House В

Гидролокаторы: Horse Jaw (Polinom); hull-mounted; active search and attack; low/medium frequency.

Вертолёты: 3 Ka-27 Helix.

Планы: Design work started in 1968. Type name is atomny raketny kreyser meaning nuclear-powered missile cruiser. A fifth of class was scrapped before being launched in 1989.

Устройство: The first Russian surface warships with nuclear propulsion. In addition to the nuclear plant a unique maritime combination with an auxiliary oil-fuelled system has been installed. This provides a superheat capability, boosting the normal steam output by some 50 per cent. The SS-N-19 tubes are set at an angle of about 45°. CADS-N-1 with a central fire-control radar on six mountings, each of which has two cannon and eight missile launchers. Two are mounted either side of the SS-N-19 forward and four on the after superstructure Same A/S system as the frigate Neustrashimy with fixed torpedo tubes in ports behind shutters in the superstructure for firing SS-N-15 or Type 45 torpedoes. These ships are reported as carrying about 500 SAM of different types. Velikiy has a Tomb Stone fire-control radar instead of the forward Top Dome for SA-N-20 which is a maritime variant of SA-10C. There are still some equipment deficiencies particularly in fire-control radars which are fitted for but not with.

Эксплуатация: Based in the Northern Fleet. Over-the-horizon targeting for SS-N-19 provided by Punch Bowl SATCOM or helicopter. The first two ships of the class of four. Admiral Ushakov and Admiral Lazarev. have been inactive in the Northern and Pacific Fleets respectively, for some years and both are likely to be scrapped. Plans to refit the third ship, Admiral Nakhimov, appear to have been abandoned.






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